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I am the wife of B.J. Maxwell (married August of 1997) and mother of our four adopted children.
I am blessed with the awesome privilege to care for & love my husband, invest in & love our children, and keep our home.
May I steward these gifts well, for the glory and praise of Christ Jesus our precious Lord & Savior!

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus . . . sweetest name I know!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Byron's Prayer

Father, thank you for filling our quiver. Thank you that You are bigger than hysterectomies. We asked, and it was given to us. We sought, and we found. We knocked, and it was open to us (Matthew 7:7). We sought Your will and Your grace in regards to having more children. You answered and You blessed. “Come and hear, all who fear God and I will tell of what He has done for my soul. I cried to Him with my mouth and He was extolled with my tongue. Blessed be God, who has not turned away my prayer nor His loving kindness from me.” (Psalm 66:16,17,20)

Thank you for our beautiful son. To Byron we have given our family names. Yet, I pray that of all names, he will bear the name of Christ. Open his heart. Teach him Your ways. Use him for Your kingdom. I pray that Byron would be strong and courageous and that he would dance before You with all his might. Help him to model justice and righteousness (II Samuel 8:14-15). When Byron's heart strays, when he becomes intoxicated with sin and does what is evil, help him to repent. Help him to trust and obey Your Word. May he find great wisdom from the words of Paul, Solomon, David, Peter, and the many other men that You have used to proclaim Your righteousness. May the Psalms fill his soul with great encouragement and steadfastness. And above all may He love Christ more and more every day as He meditates on the Word. May Christ be Byron's greatest gain.

I pray that You would give Byron men of faith to surround and encourage him. Provide for him a godly friend, that You would knit their souls to one another, as David and Jonathan (I Samuel 18:1). May this friend always provide love, accountability, and encouragement in the gospel. May they encourage one another to love their wives and boldly proclaim and live out the gospel. Help BJ to model Christ to Byron. May Byron see the fruits of salvation lived out in our home. Give him a humble heart, that he would seek his heavenly and earthly fathers for wisdom, instruction, and knowledge.

Help Byron to understand and rejoice in what You have done in bringing him into our family. I pray that He will embrace Your will. May You use him as a loving, forgiving, and gracious witness of the gospel to his birth family when it is Your will to reunite them.

Father, use his hands to work hard for his family. Invest his mind in the Word. Give him a humble heart. Fill his mouth with words that edify and proclaim the good news of Christ's redeeming work. Save him at an early age. Help us to model and teach him that his trials and sufferings are for his good and Your glory. Give him great courage. Use him for Your glory and for the kingdom.

Gracious Father, may Your will be done. Glorify Yourself in our precious son, Byron Dacus.

“God is so good. God is so good. God is so good. He's so good to me.”

(This was the first song we taught Byron. However, he wanted NOTHING to do with singing, especially anything about God or Jesus. But now, we can't stop the little guy from singing! And he is always the first to want to pray. AMAZING! God is amazing . . . and so very GOOD!)

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