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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Susannah Spurgeon

BJ just recently purchased for me the book, FREE GRACE AND DYING LOVE - Morning Devotions by Susannah Spurgeon (which also includes The Life of Susannah Spurgeon - by Charles Ray). Excellent read!! I finished the biography section and have been slowly making my way through her devotionals. I have much to glean from her quiet wisdom and unwavering faith.

I would like to share with you one of her devotionals entitled -
The Loveliness of God's Will: (from Matthew 6:10)

When my soul is tossed on the rough waves of the troubled sea of this life, if I can but cast out the anchor of hope into the depths of God's blessed will, it holds fast at once, and the winds and the waves are rebuked.

Dear Father, I thank You that You have made Your will so dear and precious to me! Once, in the midst of darkness and unutterable sorrow, You enabled me to say, "He hath done all things well'; and now, though the days are calmer, the fast-revolving years bring round the time of sad memories, and I look back, and say it still, 'He hath done all things well!'

'Thy will be done.' This resting in the will of God is one of the most comforting and blessed experiences of the Christian life. To say, 'Thy will be done' - not in a reluctant or compulsory way, as if we were shrinking from some inevitable pain, but with a sincere and glad conviction that our dear Father is really doing for us what is best and most loving, although it may not look so to our dull eyes - this is glorifying to Him, and supremely consoling to us.

God's plans and purposes for me, and for you, dear reader, were all made and determined on from the beginning; and as they are worked out day by day in our lives, how wise should we be if, with joyful certainty, we accepted each unfolding of His will as a proof of His faithfulness and love! When once I, as a believer, can say from my heart, 'This is the will of God concerning me', it matters not what the 'this' is - whether it be a small domestic worry, or the severance of the dearest earthly ties - the fact that it is His most blessed will, takes all the fierce sting out of the trouble, and leaves it powerless to hurt or hinder the peace of my soul. There is all the difference between the murderous blows of an enemy, and the needful chastisement of a loving father's hand! The Lord may make us sore, but He will bind us up. He may wound, but His hands make whole. How often has the Lord to break a heart before He can enter into it, and fill it with His love; but how precious and fragrant is the balm which , from that very moment, flows out of that heart to others! Dear Father, how many of your children can truly say, "Before I was afflicted, I went astray, but now have I kept thy word'!
Simply beautiful, I must say!
I pray that I can truthfully say, "He hath done all things well"!

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Barry J. Maxwell said...

My, how God blesses me through you, my Queen. Now that you are learning from Susanna Spurgeon, could you help me preach like Charles?

I love you.